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What is Astaxanthin?
Have you even seen a salmon swimming upstream? Salmon swim upstream against raging torrents of water for seven days at a stretch. The highest level of natural astaxanthin is found in the muscles of salmon, ingested from the ocean in the form of krill, lobster and plankton. This gives them the stamina, endurance and energy they need.
Ethical company
THE COMPANY HAS 6 PATENTS and has been awarded a certificate for good manufacturing practices.
Nutritional Quality and Stability
All products are safe natural supplements, based on leading edge technology
- World's largest producer of Natural Astaxanthin
- 20 years of commercial experience
- Cultured in high quality Hawaiin drinking water

All products are produced with top class safety systems and quality
Why use Astaxanthin?
Astaxanthin is extracted from microalgae grown on the pristine coast of Hawaii.
Over 80% of Arthritis sufferers improve
with Astaxanthin
Benefits of Astaxanthin

A health questionnaire of 247 Astaxanthin users showed that over 80% of those reporting back pain and symptoms from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis reported improvement from Astaxanthin supplements.

Astaxanthin has been known to improve:

Rheumatoid arthritis
Carpal Tunnel (repetitive stress injury)
Sore joints after exercise

Anti inflammatories have gotten a bad reputation - there is aspirin which can cause stomach bleeding, Tylenol causes liver damage and vioxx and celebrex which potentially can cause heart problems and fatalities. The fact is that most anti-inflammatories have a potential for dangerous side effects.

It must be strongly emphasized that Astaxanthin is a safe and natural alternative. Most people will not see benefits in pain relief or increased strength and mobility for two to four weeks. But natural Astaxanthin has been shown to be effective for the majority of people.

Once again after thorough studies done with astaxanthin it was demonstrated that it could help people suffering from serious inflammatory conditions live better quality lives.

According to clinical trials on CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) it showed that sufferers natural Astaxanthin is a viable alternative to surgery.

Joint Soreness after exercise (for sportsmen)

From top athletes to casual exercise or strenuous work, from homeowners working in the garden, to people crippled with arthritis, natural astaxanthin can help reduce pain any inflammation in tendons, joints and muscles. It can help control the ravages of "silent inflammation and prevent the myriad of disease it causes. It is also a powerful antioxidant, safe and natural anti-inflammatory.
Read more about Jointastin.

Natural Astaxanthin is a great supplement for everyone.
World's Strongest Natural

"I am very happy with my Astaxanthin and can definitely feel the difference since I have started using it. I have been on it for three months now. Thank you."
"I am still taking four capsules a day, religiously. I am committed to continuing with the Astaxanthin. Thanks so much." Yvonne.

"I am very happy with my astaxanthin and can definitely feel the difference since I have started using it. I have been on it for three months now. Thank you." Fatima.

"Thank you for the bottle of the Astaxanthin capsules. They work wonders. The anti-oxidant is indeed beneficial to me. My joint problems have moved far into the background and I have much greater stamina for the physically demanding work I'm doing at 56. Will let you know when I'm ready for the next order. Best regards." Reginald.

"Your website is great and very interesting.
You are the living proof of the eternal youth's secret. I wish you all the best, with love."

"I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED with your service, even on Xmas day. Did not expect that! Looking forward to my order. Thanks so much." Soojay.

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